Selling on eBay with Shopify India: How to Make The Most of Shopify eBay Integration

Why sell on eBay? How to take advantage of Shopify eBay opportunity? Is selling on eBay with Shopify India the right decision for your business? Read and find out!

Your Shopify store is your online empire. It is your business legacy. It is the main source of income, so it is super important that it thrives. In order for this to happen, your products need promotion and what is a better promotion than reaching new customers and turning them into buyers?
What if you have an opportunity to get your Shopify products in front of an international audience of over 170 million active buyers? Is your Indian-based business ready to face the global audience? Yes, it definitely is.

  Why Sell on eBay Marketplace

As a Shopify seller, you have access to an integration that can promote your Shopify products to the eBay marketplace and help you manage and complete eBay orders and sales. All this can be controlled and done within your Shopify account.

Wondering why should you add eBay marketplace as a sales channel?
  • You will be able to reach over 170 million active shoppers
  • You will have an opportunity to appear in one of the most popular product search engines in the world
  • You will be able to control and manage everything without leaving your Shopify account
  Not an active eBay seller? We see no reason why you shouldn’t open your eBay account right now. When selling on eBay, there are is required wait to start selling your products and no minimum products or business sizes to sell.

Selling on eBay with Shopify India: Understanding the Opportunity

eBay is a globally known marketplace while Shopify India is an ecommerce platform, specially designed to suit the needs of Indian-based businesses. eBay and Shopify are the perfect match for achieving success online.  
When choosing to sell on eBay using Shopify platform, you are putting your products in front of millions of active buyers.

Not only you will gain access to a global marketplace, but you will also gain a selling partner. In other words, you will be supported in listing your merchandise worldwide and learn about new strategies and tools that encourage your potential customers to find your products easily, in order to do so, all you have got to do is to click here.

Shopify India
  Selling on eBay with Shopify India isn’t rocket science, however, there are a few things sellers can do to make the most of Shopify eBay integration and speed the selling process.

Here are a few helpful tips for selling on eBay fast:

  • Don’t make the potential customer ask a lot of questions: It is important to anticipate any possible questions the buyer may have or any specific information the buyer may be interested in, for example, weight, measurements, the age of the item, material, where it was made, and etc. As you become more successful with your eBay store, you will get good at knowing which information to put into your product descriptions.
  • Avoid auction-style listings: You need to keep in mind that online buyers are in a hurry. The auction-style listings force the shopper to wait until the auction is over to pay and get the item. Having your products available for purchase at all times is the road to gaining more sales. Don’t expect the buyers to wait until the auction is over, as they usually don’t.
  • Offer many payment options: Usually, most sellers on eBay offer PayPal as the main payment option. Accepting other payment options can help boost your sales. Offer as many payment options as possible. Give your customers a chance to choose their preferred method of payment.
Adding eBay as a sales channel to your Shopify store is definitely the right call for your Indian-based business. You will reach a global shopping audience, sell your products with confidence, and build credibility for your brand.
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